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Dog Hiking Saddle Bag

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Dog Hiking Saddle Bag Backpack
Going on a short trip uphill with your furry friend?
 Let him help you share the load with our incredibly useful Saddle Bag. This backpack comes with two spacious side pockets to hold everything from a water bottle, dog treats, toys, keys, cellphone, and wallet, to just about anything you can’t afford to leave behind. Let your canine companion give you a hand, so you’re both doing your part to make the adventure a lot more fun, exciting, and comfortable.
CAUTION: Make sure the weight of the bag is not more than 15% of their body weight. The goal is to share the load and not overburden your furry buddy!

Here’s all the goodies
⦁ Made of water-resistant 600D double-layer polyester with a soft mesh-lined underside for utmost breathability.
⦁ Features 4 wide safety reflectors to ensure other hikers and oncoming traffic can
spot your dog to prevent any accident.
⦁ Keeps hyperactive dogs under control using the weight of the items inside
⦁ Helps your canine get a nice workout on every morning/evening walk
⦁ The stainless steel D ring allows you to attach a leash seamlessly
⦁ Buckles for convenient securing and releasing
⦁ Anti-stuck zippers are a breeze to open and shut
(Rests slightly below the dog’s windpipe to prevent choking)

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Customer Reviews

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Estefania Walker

Looooove the it!!!! Good quality! It is sooooo funny to see my dog caring his own toys.

Nathanael Emard

The bag is quality, the seams are stitched firmly, a lot of fasteners, which allows you to more accurately fix the bag on the dog. So far, they have not tried in the case, but the impressions are positive. On my mongrel sat perfectly.

Annabel McLaughlin

Excellent backpack, all qualitatively sewn, belts are adjustable, and on the latches there are special covers from rubbing

Veda Schmidt

It's good quality, just that we thought the bags would be a little bigger, no water bottle comes in, maybe I should have ordered a size L. However it is tough and comfortable for our son, he goes to happy school. We buy size M and our dog weighs 23k

Antone McKenzie

Dog 25 kg, could take size bigger, this one butt

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